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The Team

Since the origin for a diseases such as Schizophrenia and Parkinson's was traced back to biochemical changes due to a disorder in hormones regulated by the supra-renal glands (adrenal marrow); the treatment for both diseases has changed with the birth of B.E.A.M. It is still necessary for a Psychiatrist to diagnose well the mental disorders of an schizophrenic, and a Neurologist, to diagnose those of a Parkinsonian. Being B.E.A.M. a surgery, it is imperative to have a surgical team, headed mostly by an Urologist in the operating room.

Dr. José Mackliff, an Ecuadorean Psychiatrist who conducted the research that lead to the creation of the B.E.A.M. theory and procedure, teamed-up with Urologist Dr. Oscar Sanchez, who together performed the first surgery on humans, and still do up to now.

More and more people from around the world have now undergone B.E.A.M.; thus, increasing the number of cases, evidence, and experiences for the world medical community.

BEAM Teams can be assembled anywhere, when in due course, the method has crossed-over and the technique and experiences have been taught properly for the world to continue with this breakthrough in the treatment of Schizophrenia and Parkinson.
If you are physician / medical institution that is interested in learning how to apply B.E.A.M. to your work, fell free to write to us:






BEAM: Schizophrenia & Parkinson Surgery, explains the theory behind the latest medical breakthrough for the treatment of Schizophrenic and Parkinson’s patients.

Capable of erradicating symptons in schizophrenics, BEAM also portrays new medical evidence from actual cases from around the world depcited in the book.