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The Procedure

B.E.A.M.: bi-lateral electrocoagulation of the adrenal medulla.

This procedure consists in blocking 100% of the production of Adrenalina from its source, and 20% of Noradrenaline from the adrenal marrow. Now the sinthesis of Dopamine will have a new regulation; a new biochemical blueprint, and a new system of signals that causes for the shaking in Parkinson's patients to disappear from the beggining, and the symptons from schizophrenic patients to be eliminated.

This procedure was created by Ecuadorean Psychiatrist, Dr Jose Mackliff Hidalgo, after more than 30 years of research, and is now considered to be the most permanent solution to Parkinson and Schizophrenia available to date. A revolutionary procedure, since it differs from a lifetime prescription of anti-psychotics for schizophrenics and multiple treatments for Parkinson's disease. Now, with the expert diagnose from a psychiatrist and a team of surgeons, these two diseases can now be treated successfully by electro-coagulating the suprarenal glands, that lay on top of our kidneys.

At the beginning of the decade of the 70's, it was discovered that by increasing glucose, the aggressiveness in psychotic patients decreased. By 1.974 Dr. Mackliff reviewed the results from a study realized by Hubell Von Vallet & Dell, in which the therapeutic effects of a drug called Clorpromazine on mental patients, were due precisely by inhibiting brain adrenaline.

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Capable of erradicating symptons in schizophrenics, BEAM also portrays new medical evidence from actual cases from around the world depcited in the book.